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SAMSON...My current male.  He is on the upper left as a puppy, and upper right now as an adult.
​Samson's sire (father) is Baxter and his Dam (mother) is Rubia.

SIMON...on the left is now retired.  This wonderful boy gave us 4 beautiful litters.  On my gallery, he is the little boy that looks like he is laughing.  He has the same pedigree from Daystar, that Samson and Baxter come from.

Below is my BAXTER.  To the lower left is Baxter as a puppy, and on the right is his sire (father) Casper, a Champion from the Daystar line. And on the bottom is Baxter in his retirement enjoying his slumber!

All these males come from Champion Daystar's Jedi of the Force, and Champion Daystar's  Hard Drive.  They are all cream, small, and gorgeous.  
I fell in love with the line and never looked back.
The thing they all have in common, are their big heads, short bodies, creamy color, and fun, loving personalities.